Quality Systems

Quality Systems Include:

¤         Mechanical Property Testing

¤         Wet Lab

¤         Computerized SPC

¤         Coordinate Measure Machines

¤         Surface Finish Measurements

¤         ISO Registered

¤         Internal Gage Certification Traceable to NIST

¤         Internal Material Testing Capabilities Include:

           ¨¹      Hardness

           ¨¹      Conductivity

           ¨¹      Tensile

           ¨¹      Yield

           ¨¹      Elongation

           ¨¹      Micro-structural Analysis


As CECA continues to drive to zero defect deliveries, capabilities in NDT have been developed and are utilized.  In-house capabilities can also be very beneficial to customers in product design by reducing "time to market" and enhancing product development.

Capabilities Include:

¤         Ultrasonic

¤         Vision

¤         Eddy Current

¤         Hydro Pressure

¤         Dimensional