Press Capabilities

CECA has numerous secondary manufacturing capabilities that are complementary to the impact extrusion process and enhance the features of the finished product.  These capabilities include:

¤         Drawing/ironing

¤         Coining

¤         Piercing

¤         Blanking

¤         Sizing

¤         Threading

¤         Spinning

¤        Necking

¤         Flaring

¤         Trimming

¤         Rolling

¤         Machining


Machining Flexibility Includes:

¤         Two-Axis Lathes

¤         Three-Axis Machining Lathes

¤         Seven-Axis Dual-Spindle Machining Lathes

¤         Vertical Machining Centers

¤         State-of-the-Art Rotary Transfer Machines

¤         Multi-Spindle Chucking Machines  


Flexibility of these capabilities has allowed CECA to maintain short "time to market" lead times for new components.